Top 10 Small Athletes in Sports

If you think you have to be 7-feet tall or 300 pounds to make it in the sports world, think again.

When it comes to sports, everyone always assumes that bigger is better. But we at decided it's time the little guys get their due.

We'll be counting down the Top 10 small athletes in the world today. Each of these athletes is either below average height when compared to the rest of the world (shorter than 5' 9" for men, 5' 3" for women) or star in a sport like basketball, where everyone in the league is especially tall.

They might not stand tall, but these 10 stars prove that big things can come in little packages...




























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we shuld dominique wilkins in there and larry bird maybe but definly dominique

where is spudd webb and mugsy bogues?

Spudd Webb and the answer (Allen Iverson) where are they at Nate Robinson didn't deserve a slam dunk championship any of the years he won Andre Iguodala had a much better run the one year

lionel messi is my favorite soccer player . he is better than cristiano ronaldo but ronaldo is a show off

ooh lala sean johnson i like that on but why do they even need to post this. like size matters.(Its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog) RIGHT MICHAEL VICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you on now

where is Spud Webb?He's 1

where's SPUD WEB he should be #1 #1 #1 #1 #1 #1


Spud Webb anyone?

exactly what i said
see, i m not a dummy

where is dante hall

spud webb#3 nate robinson #1

Earl Boykins should be there at #1

Dustin Pedroia is #4! I can't believe it!

This is sooooooooooooooo cool! I just don't like that wrestling guy/dude.

me to

owns all of these guys

manny is a steroid boy. anyway he isn't small!!!1

manny is not small

What about carlos ruiz? he's the most underrated players in baseball and pro sports history!

you what an underated baseball player
casey mcgehee man

dusty shold be first and messi second!

Where's #1?

Come on SIKids!!!
Put in number 1!

Leo Messi needs 2 be #1

Go Sachin Tendulkar.


Chen Roulin should be number 1

there is no way pedroia can be #1!

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