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Red Sox Go Patriotic for White House Visit 0

boston red sox flag suit

If you were an athlete visiting the White House to celebrate your world championship with the President, what would you wear? If you're a man, you can't go wrong with a suit. But if you're the Boston Red Sox, a traditional suit just won't do — at least according to Jonny Gomes.

The Red Sox are scheduled to meet with President Barack Obama on April 1 to mark their win in the 2013 World Series. And Gomes apparently hatched the idea that his team should go big or go home. So they'll enter the White House wearing the most patriotic outfits, maybe ever:
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Video of the Day: Babe Ruth Takes His Cuts 0

babe ruth

Opening Day 2014 is right around the corner, and a lot of people (this writer included) have baseball on the brain. While we wait for the first pitches to be thrown out, a lot of us are talking about what players will be great this season and argue over who will win the World Series. Check out SI Kids' April issue for our complete 2014 MLB Preview, as well as this week's Sports Illustrated for even more baseball coverage!

But if you need a break from all the stats and predictions, we have just the thing for you: Rare video of the legendary Babe Ruth in action.
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The Force is Strong with the Durham Bulls 0

durham bulls r2-d2 jersey star wars night

If you say the date May 4, it sounds like one of the famous lines in the Star Wars saga: May the Fourth be with you. So every May 4, people around the world — or at least on the Internet — celebrate Star Wars. But no one goes harder than minor league baseball, right Durham Bulls?

The Triple-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays has an annual Star Wars night (in fact, a lot of minor league clubs do), and last night it announced for 2014 the Bulls will wear special uniforms that will make them look like R2-D2.
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Baseball Legend Cal Ripken, Jr. Discusses His YA Book Series 0

cal ripken jr squeeze play

If you’re a baseball fan, you know Cal Ripken, Jr. as one of the greatest to ever play the game. But he’s also an author of a series of young adult books about baseball that deal with issues kids who play sports face every day. The fourth book in the series, Squeeze Play, was released this month, and last week Ripken stopped by Sports Illustrated Kids’ offices to talk about the books.

The series began with Hothead, which focused on a young all-star shortstop who has to learn to deal with his hot temper. Ripken wrote the book with sports columnist Kevin Cowherd. The pair would go on to work on three more books — Super Slugger, about bullying, Wild Pitch, about dealing with pressure, and Squeeze Play — with plans for two more titles in the works. Ripken told SI Kids that the books draw off his experience playing baseball, as well as the issues he sees facing kids today. It’s an area Ripken is expertly qualified to write about: The Hall of Famer works with kids through his Ripken Baseball program to help them appreciate the value of hard work and sportsmanship while having fun playing the game.

Ripken got into that and a whole lot more in our chat. Check it out!
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The Ballpark of the Future? 2

living park populous aerial

When the Baltimore opened Camden Yards in 1992, the Orioles ushered in the era of the retro ballpark. The new home of the O's looked like a baseball stadium from the golden age of the sport: It was open, had great sightlines, and had a classic look. It was an instant hit among baseball fans, and every new park since then has had a throwback feel.

But what will the baseball stadium of the future look like? Over at Sports Illustrated's The Strike Zone blog, writer Tim Newcomb presents one possibility.
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Baseball Tips from Tampa Bay Rays Star Evan Longoria 0

tampa bay rays evan longoria

The Tampa Bay Rays are perennial contenders in the American League East, and a big reason is star third baseman Evan Longoria. The 2008 AL Rookie of the Year and three-time All-Star is an offensive threat with one of the best gloves in the game. He recently partnered with the equipment company SKLZ to create a series of drills and skills videos to help kids improve their game.

Sports Illustrated Kids spoke with Longoria at Rays Spring Training camp in Port Charlotte, Florida, about the videos and the skills kids need to become the next great ballplayer. Check out our Q&A with the Rays slugger — and watch some of the videos he produced with SKLZ — below!
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A Rays-Eye View of Spring Training 1

  • Dugout Dispatch
  • Posted by: Dante A. Ciampaglia
  • February 25, 2014, 1:59 PM

wil myers tampa bay rays gopro

Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Wil Myers made his MLB debut in 2013 after getting called up in June, 70 games into the Rays season. But even without a full season under his belt, Myers was able to make a big impression, winning the 2013 American League Rookie of the Year.

Of course, heading into spring training this season, Myers will be one of the most closely watched players. So he decided to give fans a direct feed into his camp experience by strapping GoPro camera to his hat to create the ROYcam and giving the baseball world a unique view into the spring training experience!
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