Panthers Release Long-Time QB Delhomme

  • March 4, 2010, 11:39 PM

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Delhomme was pretty good, but he is too inconsistent. He wont be anywhere near Philip Rivers and Ben Roethesberger when those two hit their primes.

i dont know what to say... i GUESS this is a good thing!
ps- their new QB isnt that bad so maybe they have a better chance this coming season. at least i hope!! :D

Delhomme had his okay moments. then again, he had is off ones too.

Delhomme wanted to play with the Panthers. It stung for him to leave the team he loved. However, he was making too much money and he was too old. Delhomme is past his prime, and throws too many picks. It was a smart move.

dellhome used to be in his prime but he probaly did'nt want to play with the panthers anymore

delhomme is not that good

hes better then u could ever be

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