Posted: Monday February 2, 2009 4:58PM; Updated: Monday February 2, 2009 4:58PM

Funny Photo Voting

Who wrote the best caption? Vote now!

Funny Photo Voting

1) "I've heard of raining cats and dogs, but not quarterbacks!"
-Kevin from OH

2) "Another one bites the dust!"
-Nick from AL

3) "The last chicken wing is mine!"
-Zach from OH

4) "Houston, we have a problem."
-Quinn from MD

5) "Rose-in-FELL!"
-Nolan from IN

6) "This is even harder than a Texas rodeo!"
-Collin from MN

7) "Ha! LeBron James said I couldn't jump higher than him."
-Thomas from PA

8) "I'm leaving the Texans and going to the Eagles."
-Jacob from FL

9) "Angels in the end zone."
-Cameron from IA

10) "Dude, you so forgot to wear deodorant today."
-Kyle from MI

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